Callie & Biscuit

Presenting Callie and Biscuit: Double the Love, Twice the Cuddles! 🤩🐾

Meet Callie, the lovely calico queen with a heart full of warmth and love! This independent feline knows precisely how to choose her perfect cuddle buddy. Once she finds her human companion, she’s all paws in, enveloping them with affection and adoration.

While Callie may have her own thing going on, she’s always prepared to join Biscuit in playful antics and share cosy snoozes together. Her curious nature drives her to explore the world around her, yet she never forgets to shower her humans with love and snuggles.

On the other paw, there’s Biscuit, the affectionate heartthrob who is all about love and attention! Like a true gentleman, this charming fellow craves contact and will go out of his way to show you how much he adores you. He’s undeniably a master at making biscuits, and this busy cat gets a helping paw from none other than Callie!

Callie and Biscuit adore their humans, especially the tiny ones. If you already have furry friends (cats or dogs) for them, that’s the cherry on top of their cake.

Callie’s independent nature truly complements Biscuit’s affectionate charm, creating a balanced and loving dynamic that will fill your days with love and laughter. Your home will be brimming with double the love and twice the cuddles!

NOTE: Cat(s) are not in CDPAs care

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