Cleo and Cypress

Not sure if you want a cuddly cat or a playful cat? Why not get one of each!

Cleo is a super playful ball of energy that loves to keep you on your toes. Her favorite toy at the moment is her fishing rod toy, and she will go to any lengths to catch it. Cleo is also an olympic level high jumper, as well as world class ball chaser and all-round bundle of fun and crazy. Eventually, all this play tires her out, and she has to go take a nap not in her bed, but in the most random place she can find.

While Cleo will keep you laughing, Cypress will be on the hunt for mischief! We’ve never met such an adorably playful kitty. When he’s all tired out from his day of play, Cypress will be looking for cuddles and to be held in your arms. He gets along great with kids because of his natural silliness and is just an all round lovable goofball of a tabby. Could you be the purrfect forever home for these two kitties?

The Purr-fect Forever Home :