The name ‘Clyde’ means warm and friendly, so it’s just perfect for this little kitty 😸

Clyde is a very affectionate girl who loves being around humans. She might be a bit shy with new people at first, but she adores being made a fuss of and getting pets and scritches, and will be purring away when she’s around you. Clyde thrives on being the centre of attention, so much so that if she sees you petting one of her siblings, she’ll make a beeline to you, meowing and pawing at you until you pet her! Clyde is also a little ball of energy and is super excitable and playful. She loves chasing dangly jingly toys on strings, batting balls around, and climbing on her cat tree. Could you give this cutie a home with all the love and fun she needs?

The Purr-fect Forever Home :
😸Child friendly
😸Needs a kitty friend
😸Indoor only