🎶Do you want to build a fur-iendship?🎶

You’re in luck! Elsa is looking for a new realm to rule. ❄️🐾

While she may appear a little reserved, Elsa is no snow queen! She loves snuggling up with her human and has been known to practice her pouncing on unsuspecting legs under the covers. She also enjoys observing the world around her, perched atop her throne (also known as her cat tree).

Always keen to escape the perpetual winter, Elsa loves to seek refuge in warm hideaways like the hot press, wardrobes or drawers. 🥶 If you can’t find her, be sure to check under the beds where she just might be curled up in her own frosty fortress.

Like any monarch, Elsa is always composed in the face of chaos and has settled seamlessly into a bustling foster household containing both a playful pup and two rambunctious kids, proving she is not destined for a life of isolation.

Elsa will need to be adopted into a loving household with a resident kitty to befriend – or if you have room for two, she would love to be adopted alongside her brother Kristoff.
If you can offer Elsa the kingdom she deserves, apply to adopt her today. She’s ready to reign over your heart! 💙

The Purr-fect Forever Home :
💙Child-friendly (can be rehomed with kids aged 5+)
💙Needs a kitty friend (or to be adopted her brother Kristoff)
💙Dog-friendly (can be rehomed with dogs)
💙Indoor only