Fred & Luna

Meet Fred & Luna ♥️
Fred and Luna were found straying near a bustling part of town.

Were they abandoned, forgotten by someone they loved? Or did they learn the ropes of street life from their early days as kittens?
We might never know.

Fred, a majestic long-haired tabby with a heart of gold. He has naturally taken on the role of “protector” for the shy and reserved Luna, always ensuring she feels safe.

Whether it’s sharing his bowl of food, or merely sitting close to provide comfort, he takes his “big brother” role seriously. To adopt Fred is to bring home a cat with a great sense of responsibility.

Luna, with her years, brings a calm and comforting presence to anyone she meets. Being outdoors for a long period has made her quite independent. Luna’s timid nature and past experiences might make her hesitant to form close connections with humans initially.

Fred, sensing Luna’s reservations, made it his mission to help her come out of her shell. Both Fred and Luna love to rub gently against their fosterer as a gesture of gratitude during mealtime and they’ll happily eat treats from hands. Fred even enjoys the occasional petting session and will purr contentedly if he is in the mood.

As an added bonus, their natural hunting skills make them great helpers in keeping your outdoor environment lively and free from pesky visitors!
Despite their contrasting personalities, Fred and Luna share an unbreakable bond.
By opening your home to Luna and Fred, you’re not only offering safety and love but you are also giving a second chance to a life filled with uncertainty.

What They Seek 🏡
An ongoing source of food and water.
Understanding and patience
Safe, weather-proof shelter(s)
A forever home with safe outdoor spaces to roam