Meet our little sweetheart Freddie who is just looking for somebody to love 🥰

Freddie absolutely adores human company, loves sleeping on his human or just sitting at their feet and is at his happiest when his human is fussing over him. He would make the perfect working from home companion as he’d be happy by your side all day long.
Freddie can get a little overstimulated at times and when he does, he can nibble on his humans during cuddle time while showing his appreciation. He definitely displays some body language signs when it’s all getting a bit too much for him so a patient, experienced cat person who understands that his nibbles are just his way of expressing his affection or looking for attention will be able to continue the work his foster family have been doing in overcoming this little quirk 😄

Freddie loves to play and his favourite toy is a ball, if he has one of those, don’t stop him now. He also goes ga ga for his grub and will never say no to a treat or two (or three… or four), he just wants it all 💪

Could this crazy little thing called Freddie be your best friend?

The Purr-fect Forever Home :
😸Child-friendly (12 +)
😸Indoor / outdoor
😸Needs a patient-human