Meet Frosty! This kitty is as cool as his icy-white fur and he’s searching for a human who can win his trust and thaw his heart.

Frosty is an independent boy who values his freedom. Though he may pretend like he’s above the antics of his humans, he’s actually quite a curious cat who likes to keep an eye on what’s going on. He’s quite wary of people, and not a fan of sudden movements. In true winter fashion, he prefers things slow and lazy, as evidenced by how much he likes to snooze!

He’s shown some interest in playing with cat toys, but he’s got his cool image to uphold, so he’s saving his silly side for the special human who takes him home.

We’ve seen some glimpses of Frosty when he’s more chilled out. He absolutely melts whenever he gets some scratches on his head and under his chin, and he loves chomping down on Dreamies cat treats (especially if they’re chicken or beef flavoured!)

So, even though he tries to act cool, Frosty is a sweetheart who just needs a patient human who’s willing to give him time to warm up to them.

Once he’s comfy in his new home, he’ll really come to life, just like Frosty the Snowman! If you’ve got the magic that unlocks Frosty’s happy, jolly soul, why not adopt him and give him the fairy tale ending he deserves?

The Purr-fect Forever Home :

Needs a patient-human