Meet lovely Lyra!  

This sweet girl is still getting used to people and is a little bit shy. Her fosterer believes that Lyra was not handled before being rescued but is confident that she’ll open up with a patient owner and some TLC. She’s already making huge improvements – she’s becoming more social and has even begun playing! 

As Lyra is still getting used to people, she can get hissy if there’s a lot of noise and commotion. However, when all is calm, she loves to get treats and pets!  

Don’t be deceived by her sweet face though – you can tell this ferocious feline was an outdoor cat from the way she watches pigeons from the window! Because she’s still scared of loud noises, a catio may suit her rather than the outdoors.  

This lovely girl needs a calm home with no children for her to fully be herself and can be homed with a cat of a similar age to her. If you think your home would be the perfect haven for Lyra, fill out an application to learn more! 

The Purr-fect Forever Home :
* Indoor  / outdoor 
* Outdoor with shelter (Garden or Farm) 
* Needs a patient-human