Meet the sweet and stoic Sushi! This cool kitty has a personality as strong as wasabi, and he is ready to bring that exceptional energy into a brand-new home 🐾😸

Much like a maki roll, Sushi is a personable cat with a lot of layers to him. When he meets new people, he will not hesitate to be vocal and let them know that they are stepping into his domain. Gaining his trust will take some time, but once you get past the tough exterior, you’ll find that he’s a loving kitty with a heart as soft as a fluffy bowl of rice. He’s incredibly affectionate and will repay any love you show him tenfold!

Once you’ve earned his trust, he won’t want to share you with anyone else, so his ideal home is one where he can be the solo piece of sushi on your plate.

Sushi is an independent spirit, a free-wheeling flavour of kitty who loves to spend hours gazing out the window at the world. But that doesn’t mean he won’t want to spend time with his favourite human! Bust out a laser pointer and he’ll give you a taste of his intense, playful side as he tears up the ground chasing after it!

If you think you could be the right soy sauce for Sushi, click the link below to adopt!

The Purr-fect Forever Home :
🐾Indoor / outdoor
🐾Needs a patient-human