Little Tegan has never heard the saying curiosity killed the cat because this cutie is curious about EVERYTHING. She is always looking at the fascinating world outside her window, checking out what’s going on in the neighbourhood, and is first among her siblings to explore new places around her foster home. But this curiosity helps make her more confident, braver and quick to learn 🤩

Tegan loves to play and has lots of energy. She finds fun in the simplest of things and is well able to entertain herself. Right now her favourite game involves tossing a single wood pellet around the room.
Tegan is still getting used to pets and cuddles from her humans but she does enjoy being petted in her pink bed and even while she’s eating. She gets along with other kitties so wouldn’t mind a home with another cat but also would be perfectly fine as the sole cat in her kingdom. She is still a little shy at first so a home with older children would probably be better for her to settle in more quickly 🫶🐾

Could you be the one to give Curious Tegan the home she’s looking for?

The Purr-fect Forever Home :
😄Child-friendly (older children only)
😄OK with a kitty friend but can be solo cat too
😄Indoor only