Fostering Dogs/Puppies

Types of fosterers needed

  • Short-term fosterers to look after dogs and puppies while we look for homes for them. We need this type of fosterer all the time.
  • Medium-term fosterers to look after dogs whose owners are in hospital. This type of fosterer is needed on an occasional basis.

What a foster dog/puppy needs

  • First of all they need someone who loves and understands dogs, and who understands that dogs take time to adjust to a new environment, especially rescue dogs. We will never ask a fosterer to take a vicious dog.
  • Foster dogs need to be kept in secure conditions from which they cannot escape. The back garden/yard needs to be securely fenced/walled, and all gates need to close securely. The dog/puppy would sleep in the house overnight, and would be in the house whenever the fosterer went out without it. The longest period a dog should be left alone is 4 hours. The longest period a puppy should be left alone 2 hours. The dog/puppy would need to be taken for walks appropriate to its size, breed and age. 
  • If the fosterer is living in rented premises, the landlord needs to give permission for animals to be kept there.

Food, equipment and vet care

  • We will provide fosterers with dog food, feeding bowls, dog beds, collars and leads. If the dog needs to be brought to a vet a member of CDPA personnel will bring it. 
  • We will provide fosterers with training and support.

What to do if you would like to foster for us

  • You can apply here