This cutie was the smallest of her siblings but soon became a little chonky woman.

Peanut loves the good life and lots of treats. She’s a chatty girl who loves belly rubs and ear scratches. Peanut is a Gemini, so you know she’s a clever kitty who loves to explore. You’ll find her climbing and playing with her siblings when she’s not cuddling up looking for pets. While she may be shy at first, Peanut is quick to show her affectionate side – although she’s not too sure about being picked up just yet! Neck kisses and ear scratches are the way to her heart.

If you’ve got another animal at home, don’t be surprised when Peanut starts rough housing – her rabbit kicks are her special move and this kitty knows how to have fun! She’s obsessed with plants – especially her human’s spider plant. She loves to jump up high when playing with her toys.

The purr-fect forever home:

* Needs a kitty friend

Apply to adopt via this link:

The CDPA adoption fee covers vet costs for vaccines, microchipping, spaying/neutering, spot on treatment, and worming treatment while in our foster care.

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