Meoooow. I mean… Roar!

My name is Sushi, I’m a 1 year old male cat, and I want to be the mighty king of your jungle (okay, a garden, farm, or field will do for now). Although I have a wild side that needs a big open space with plenty of freedom to roam, I promise I’m a gentle boy and that my heart is as soft and fluffy as my coat.

My biggest claim to fame is that some people say that I look like Simba from the Lion King. One day, I’d even love to play Simba in a live action Lion King movie, but for now, running wild in a spacious garden with food, shelter, and the care of a lovely human like you will make me one happy Ron Weasley lookalike.

Although I’m a really independent boy, I need a supportive human who is willing to be an understanding leader of the pack, the Timon to my Pumbaa, the one who knows that if you love something, you’ve got to set it free (preferably a cute ginger kitty in a garden with somewhere warm and cosy to sleep with plenty of food, right?).

All I want is to have Hakuna Matata —spoiler: that means no worries, for the rest of my days. So if you think I could fit into your circle of life, or if you feel the love tonight for this little ‘jungle’ king, I can’t wait to meet you.

I am neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.

The Purr-fect Forever Home

  • Likes to be around other kitties
  • Outdoor with shelter (Garden or Farm)
  • Needs a patient-human
If you can offer Sushi a forever home, you can apply here.


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