There’s a reason this cute boy is often referred to as Wonderful Wayne! He is the one of the most friendly, affectionate cats you’d come across. Wayne is shy and quiet but is super inquisitive. High on energy, Wayne will need a kitty sibling along with his humans. He surely knows his way around other cats and befriends them pretty quickly. He’s an avid learner who will proactively learn commands. Relax time often includes watching birds videos and playing catch-the-mice on your phones.

Our wonderful Wayne constantly shows his appreciation by snuggling and kissing. He’s vocal about his needs especially, if there’s chicken involved! So, if you love listening to cute little purrs and meows, Wayne’s the one for you. His voice will be like music to your ears. Can you give Wayne his purr-fect forever home?

The Purr-fect Forever Home:

* Needs a playful human

* Needs a kitty friend

Adoption applications: https://cutt.ly/qUBgpt9

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