We are a small animal charity, affiliated to the ISPCA, with an office at Carmichael Centre.  We do not have our own shelter so all rescued dogs and domestic cats are either fostered or boarded at our expense while awaiting new homes.

Among our activities we -

  • trap, neuter and return (TNR) feral cats to their home territory;
  • rehome rescued dogs and domestic cats;
  • subsidise the cost of neutering cats and dogs for owners on low income;
  • distribute pet food to low-income owners/carers of feral and domestic cats and dogs.


Pet Care

Before choosing a pet, be it a dog, cat, rabbit or goldfish, you must be sure that you have a real liking and interest in them, coupled with a genuine willingness to care for them. When you choose a kitten or puppy, you are taking on a commitment which could last for up to fifteen years or more. Never choose an animal on impulse. Learn what is involved before you start – get books on pet care from your local library or search online for this information.


Rehoming & Adoptions

At any time, we have numerous beautiful cats and dogs in need of love and care in a new home. Many of the animals in our care have come from horrendous environments, so at the CDPA we do our best to ensure that they get a 2nd chance at happiness in a caring, safe and loving home.

Application Forms

If you would like to apply to offer some of our cats & kittens their forever home or foster or volunteer, please apply here.