Fostering Cats/Kittens

Types of fosterers needed

  • Short-term fosterers to look after cats and kittens while we look for homes for them. We need this type of fosterer all the time
  • Medium-term fosterers to look after cats whose owners are in hospital. This type of fosterer is needed on an occasional basis.
  • Long-term fosterers to take in cats for long periods. At present we have two adult cats that need to be fostered for at least a year, until their owner moves to premises where she can keep them. This is a most unusual situation, which rarely arises.

What a foster cat/kitten needs

  • First of all they need someone who loves and understands cats, and who understands that they take time to adjust to a new environment. 
  • Cats need to be kept indoors, in secure conditions from which they cannot escape. The fosterer therefore needs to keep windows and outside doors closed, and to take great care to prevent the cat from escaping when someone is going in or out. Everybody in the household needs to take care with this; it needs to be an adult-only household. 
  • If the fosterer is living in rented premises, the landlord needs to give permission for animals to be kept there.

Food and equipment

  • We will provide fosterers with cat food, feeding bowls, cat beds, scratching posts, litter trays and litter. If the cat needs to be brought to a vet a member of CDPA personnel will bring it. 
  • We will provide fosterers with training and support.

What to do if you would like to foster for us

  • You can apply here