Meet peppy Paprika and wonderful Wasabi! Don’t let their names fool you because these stripy siblings are as sweet as can be. If you find your eyes watering, it’s probably from how heartwarming the bond between these brothers is!

Wasabi loves being wrapped up in cuddles like a sushi roll! He’ll come snuggle up to you on the sofa during the day and curl up close on your bed at night.

Paprika is as wholesome and warm as his name suggests; he loves to be picked up and cuddled close! One look into his gorgeous amber eyes should be enough to make you fall in love, but once you hear his signature squeak, you’ll never want to let him go!

Paprika is the bolder flavour out of the two; he loves to chat and will squeak all day for attention and food. Wasabi is a bit more intense and constantly spends his time purring away, something his brother will get involved in too! Together, they’ll make a toy out of anything they can find, from cardboard boxes to laundry baskets, but their favourite thing to hunt is a dangly toy. They’re both full of kitten energy and will play together all day, before finding an ideal nap spot to recharge. They might be bffs, but they’re super friendly with other cats!

This flavourful duo needs a home they can live in together, so if your spice tolerance is strong enough for these two, apply to adopt today!