Micro chipping for dogs is mandatory since 1 April 2016. The chip with the owner details must be registered on a recognised data base.  This will ensure that should the dog wander off, is found and scanned for the micro chip, it will be returned to the owner. It is equally important, if not more so, that cats also should be micro chipped since they are curious by nature and are more likely to wander from their home territory.  High walls are no barrier to cats leaving their home and getting lost, whereas a dog, if so enclosed, will be less likely to scale these walls.  Cats have been known to get into cars, unknown to the driver.  They can end up miles from home but if micro chipped and registered, will be returned home safely.


On a Friday evening, one of our volunteers was taking out the bins and saw a friendly black cat in the garden. Thinking it was one she was looking after, she called kitty inside – tail in air and confidently walking into the house, our volunteer soon realised that she had 2 black cats in her lounge!
Being late already, she kept the 2nd kitty inside and was able to source a microchip scanner from another volunteer nearby. Kitty was microchipped and his name is Walnut! He was only recently neutered and microchipped (18 January) and he was found on the 10th of February.
His owner was contacted and he said that Walnut had been missing for 5 days ! When we checked the location from where Walnut escaped out of the house, it was 3.9 km. Walnut’s dad could not believe he traveled so far. Look at the 2 cats in the photos, seemingly identical, same eye colour too! 
PLEASE microchip those kitties as soon as you are able to – and don’t forget to register the chip too!!