Needs of your new cat

So you expanded your family! What’s next?

What you need for a new cat or kitten:

  • litter tray. Get a big one; cats dig, and if the tray is small, they will kick a lot of the litter out onto the floor. Cleaning it up makes work. A covered one is even better. 
  • Litter – check whether the cat is already used to grit litter or wood pellets.scoop for taking waste out of the litter tray. These are slotted, so that the solid waste and clumps stay in the scoop, and the litter falls back into the tray.
  • Bowls for food and water. The water bowl should be of a type that doesn’t tip over easily.
  • Food.  If possible find out what food the cat/kitten has been used to, and keep him/her on that food. You can change gradually to a new food when the cat/kitten has settled in. Dry food is less messy, and cheaper than pouches of wet food.scratching post. It’s a good idea to get a bottle of catnip in liquid form, and put a little of this on the scratching post to encourage the cat to use it instead of the furniture.bed. This does not have to be bought. A cardboard box with an old jumper or fleece in it is fine. carrier for bringing the cat to the vet or cattery.
  • Toys (for a kitten or young cat). Like beds, toys do not have to be bought. A ball of crumpled-up newspaper on the end of a piece of string is great for kittens. Paper NOT plastic) bags, with the handles cut off for safety, are enjoyed by most cats and kittens. Toys which have string or elastic as part of them should only be used under human supervision, as cats can strangle themselves.